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    California Home Water Filter

    Whole House Water Filter provides top of the line home water filtration systems in California that are specially formulated to tackle chloramines throughout your entire home for 3 years or 400,000 gallons. Get clean, purified drinking water from every tap in your home and reduce the harmful effects of of contaminated tap water on appliances and plumbing.

    Find a variety of water filtration tanks for your home with Whole House Water Filter. As a #1 home water filter company in California, we offer the most state of the art water filters and water softener alternatives to give you clean, safe water.

    Whole House Water Filter

     Whole House Water Filter is a #1 home water filtration company in California, providing clean water in every tap.

    In-Home Service & Installation

     We offer in home service and installation on all of our water filtration systems and water softeners.

    No-Salt Water Softening

     Our Innovative salt-free softening technology removes the effects of hard water and scale throughout your house.


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      We got the Whole House UV Filter and honestly it was the best investment we made. Not only is our drinking water safe, but it also tastes amazing. They also offer full servicing for their water filters, so if we have any trouble with it, we know we can get it fixed asap.

      Sherry O.


      Our neighbor recommended these guys to us and they spoke so highly of Whole House Water Filter that we decided to check them out. We got the high capacity filter system and it works great. Plus Whole House Water Filter’s customer service is awesome! Thanks guys!

      Steve P.


      We went through several different water filters and companies until we found Whole House Water Filter… We got an awesome water filter and we know our water is safe and it tastes really good. We absolutely love it and we know all of our water is safe.

      Beth K.